About Fensterheim Tours

My name is David Fensterheim.

If a fun and relaxing Sunday tour is what you're after then give me a call.  While the rest of the week I work in Israel's exciting High Tech industry, Sundays I dedicate to showing off our beautiful and fascinating country.

Whether you're visiting Israel on business or vacation, you should spend one day driving with me around the country.  I am sure that my passion for history, archeology and natural beauty will rub off on you.  

While I am an observant Jew with expertise in Biblical and Talmudic studies, I have always been fascinated by the stories of the gospels and the significance of sites in Israel for all religions.  No matter what your background, age or religious affiliation I will find the sites that will spark your interest and make your day memorable.

I served 5 years as an officer in the Israeli military so I can give you an insider look at both the military and high-tech worlds of the "Startup Nation".

My favorite tour is of Har Gerizim and the Samaritans.   Click on the link to have a look.  Samaria is the theater of a vast number of stories from both the old and new testaments.  The views, ancient remains and Samaritan culture will blow your mind.

I am licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism to guide and by the Ministry of Internal Security to carry a weapon.  

I was born and raised in the US so I speak fluent English.

Feel free to call or Whatsapp at +972546775410

Price: $500 for the day - Not including transportation.