Emmaus and Tel Gezer

Tel Gezer

Visit one of Israel's hidden treasures located right in the center of the country.  Descend in the worlds largest water system from the Canaanite period.  Touch Israel's version of Stonehenge and read the verses from Exodus that refer to the 12 stones erected, one for each tribe of Israel and the basin used for the blood of the peace offering. 

Barkan Winery

Drive through picturesque vinyards in the Judean lowlands. Taste Israel's award winning wines and get a birds-eye view of the Barkan cellers.  Watch a video of Israel winemaking in a theater built as a massive barrel.  The Barkan winery (Israel's largest) in Kibbutz Hulda was built as a visitor center

Emmaus Nicopolis - Park Ayalon Canada

See for yourself where Judah the Maccabee defeated the Greek forces while you listen to the verses from the Book of Maccabees and better understand the lay of the land.

Read the verses from Luke about resurrected  Jesus' dinner with Cleopas at Emmaus while you actually stand at the same location.  

Park Ayalon Canada

Walk through beautiful Mediterranean groves in the Judean foothills along the aqueducts that brought water to Emmaus during the Roman period.

Ascend to Mishlat 14, the fortified hilltop post created by the Arab Legion to block Israel's access to Jerusalem in 1948.

Understand why this spot is the gateway to Jerusalem and why Israel's newly formed defense forces abandoned other strategic battles during Israel's war of independence in order to secure access to the holy city.  As Israel's first prime minister, David Ben Gurion said: Jerusalem can exist without Israel but Israel cannot exist without Jerusalem.


8:30am - Departure (Tel Aviv or Jerusalem)

9:30am - Tel Gezer

12:30pm - Barkan Winery

2:00pm - Lunch at gardens of Latrun Monastery

3:00pm - Emmaus Nicopolis

4:00pm - Park Canada

6:00pm - Return Home