Embark on a captivating journey through Akko, commencing at the serene and meticulously landscaped Bahá'í Gardens

Delve into the Old City's heart, starting with the Knights' Halls, an impressive Crusader fortress showcasing intricate architecture and historical artifacts. Traverse its labyrinthine passages, evoking tales of knights and ancient battles.

Venture into the vibrant markets, absorbing the lively ambiance and sampling local delicacies while immersing yourself in the city's rich cultural mosaic. Visit the majestic Al-Jazzar Mosque, an architectural marvel boasting ornate designs and a profound sense of history.

Continue to the Ramhal Synagogue, an emblem of Jewish heritage and spirituality. Explore its sacred spaces, resonating with centuries of worship and tradition.

Cap off the experience with a serene boat ride along Akko's picturesque coastline, offering a unique perspective of the city's ancient walls and captivating vistas of the Mediterranean Sea.

This comprehensive tour seamlessly blends the spiritual tranquility of the Bahá'í Gardens with the historical grandeur of Akko's Old City, creating an immersive exploration that celebrates diverse cultures, traditions, and the storied past of this enchanting Israeli gem.

Be a Knight for a Day

Bahai Gardens - Akko

See the magnificent gardens around the tomb of the Baha Ulah and hear about a new religion that prescribes "remedies to today's spiritual ailments."

Intro to Akko

We will stand around a model of this small peninsula discuss why Akko was the most important port city in the Levant.  See where the Irgun succeeded in breaking fighters out of the British prison just days before they were to be executed.

Knights’ Hall

Go underground to see massive, vaulted halls, markets, dormitories, and interconnecting tunnels built by the Knights Hospitaller when the Crusader kingdom ruled from Akko.

Lunch at Knights’ Hall Garden

Tree covered picnic benches available.  You may use this time also to shop at the nearby bazars.

Al Jazzar Mosque

The highest, largest, and most important mosque in Akko.  Modeled after the great mosques of Istanbul and surrounded by an arched colonnade.  A must see.  Hear from a representative of the Akko Muslim community.

Khan A-Shwarda

This off-the-beaten-track Khan is our first Khan of the day.  This quaint square surrounded by 18th century arches and the Burj el-Sultan tower.  Here we will learn about Akko in the tumultuous 18-19th centuries.

Ramhal Synagogue

Akko is mentioned often in the Talmud and was home to several Rishonim.  We will visit this recently renovated visitor center that tells the story of Jewish Akko through the eyes of Rav Moshe Haim Luzzatto.

Khan Al-Franj

Originally the Venetian Piazza of Akko.  Get your taste of Italy in Akko and learn how the Italian shipping empires arrived in the holy land.

Kahn El Omdan and the Akko Harbor

Akko's largest Khan that welcomed and hosted merchants and pilgrims from around the Mediterranean.  See the Ottoman clock tower that matches similar towers built in Jaffa, Nablus, and Jerusalem.

Boat Ride

Board a boat in the ancient Akko harbor and view the city from the sea as those who arrived here throughout the ages.  Watch teens dive from the top of the massive city walls into the water below.

Templar Tunnel (and Pisa quarter)

Water still flows through this recently discovered massive tunnel.  Built by the Knights Templar in the 13th century, possibly used by the Templars to transport cargo and bypass the Kings customs house.

Templar Fortress

View the submerged headquarters of the wealthiest order of the crusades and hear how the Templars became the dominant power during the second Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Genoa Square

The final piazza of the day.  See the Bahai center of Akko and examples of Liwan architecture.