Rosh Pina

Embark on an illuminating journey through the Eastern Galilee, commencing in Rosh Pina, a town steeped in history. Here, delve into the inspiring narrative of the First Aliyah's early settlers, exploring their enduring legacy through the town's streets and heritage sites.

Continue your expedition to the formidable Ateret Fortress on Jacob's Ford of the Jordan River, a testament to ancient defense strategies and historical intrigue. Uncover the fortress's secrets and immerse yourself in the tales of its strategic importance.

Transition to the Old Syrian Bunkers atop the Golan Heights, offering breathtaking vistas overlooking the Jordan River. These remnants of a bygone era provide a glimpse into the region's military past and serve as vantage points for absorbing panoramic landscapes.

This comprehensive tour of the Eastern Galilee seamlessly intertwines stories of pioneering settlers, ancient fortresses, and historical bunkers, offering a captivating blend of heritage and panoramic beauty that captures the essence of this remarkable region in Israel's tapestry of history and culture.