Mount Gerizim

and the Samaritans

If you are looking for 

then you MUST visit Har Gerizim Israel National Park.

When you join this tiyul you will discover that this was the cradle of the settlement of Israel by our forefathers.  You may be surprised to learn how many or our stories from the books of Genesis, Joshua, and Kings actually took place right here.

Understand why this was such an important crossroads throughout history.

See sections of a temple to God of Israel from the time of Ezra and Nehemiah. 

Meet the Samaritans who reveal to us how bible law was practiced 2500 years ago.

View Shechem from above with Joseph's tomb and Tel Balata (Shechem).

Learn about the attitude towards the Samaritans during the time of the second temple and during the time of the Hazal.

Additional information about Gerizim and the Samaritans here.


8:30 - Departure

10:00 - Har Kabir - Why was this the first place of arrival for Abraham, Jacob, Joshua into the land of Israel?  Was this where the 12 Spies entered?  See where Joshua built his alter on Har Eival.

11:30 - Har Gerizim National Park - Place of the binding of Isaac and Jacob's ladder (according to Samaritans), Foundation Stone, Remains of Temple, City from Hellenistic period, Panoramic view from Mediterranean to Jordan

12:30 - Descend to Samaritan village Kiryat Luza, see place of Pesach sacrifice, hear from Samaritans about way of life at the Samaritan Visitor's Center.

14:00 - Lunch (bring your own or order.  TBA) at Har Bracha Winery and Vinyard - There will be time to buy wine:-)

15:00 - Visit Samaritan Tahina Factory (Har Beracha)

16:00 - Mitzpe Yosef - View Shechem, Joseph's Tomb, Tel Balata and Jacob's well from above.

17:00 - Depart Gerizim

18:30 - Arrive home