Beit Guvrin - Maresha

Maresha Caves

If you like caves, this is your place!  Hundreds of caves were dug at Maresha about 2300 years ago.  See mythological Griffins and 3-headed dogs who escort the deceased to the afterworld painted on tomb walls by the early Phoenicians.  Who were the biblical Edomites?  Where was Mt. Se'ir as mentioned in Deuteronomy?  Come and find out for yourself.

This and more at Maresha, the capital of Idumea and the hometown of Mica the prophet.

Bell Caves

UNESCO has declared Maresha as a World Heritage Site, "Land of a Thousand Caves".  These magnificent and colorful caves, created about 1500 years ago, are awe inspiring.  Be sure to sing while you're there and enjoy the resounding acoustics.  The Parks authority often hold classical and folk concerts in these caves.  

Beit Guvrin - elevatropolis

Sit in the seats around Beit Guvrin's Roman Amphitheater and imagine gladiator fighting it out in the arena below. 

Climb up the secret stairway to the tower of a crusader castle built in the 12th century by the Nights Hospitaller. And descend deep into Vaults built by the romans to support Israel's only imperial size roman bathhouse.